These are the services we offer our guild members.

Payment collection via the Caja Gremial for the purchases made by the clients of the wholesale companies.

Controlling and managing the service for unloading fish and its transfer to the sales floor via a logistics operator.

Controlling and monitoring the transport service for fish products which arrive daily from northern Spain, outsourced to a company of renowned prestige.

Legal consultancy for member companies.

Negotiating the collective agreement applicable to companies and workers of the Central Fish Market.

Own veterinary service.

Occupational risk prevention plan for member companies and training their employees through a specialised company.

Promoting the consumption of fish products.

Controlling and monitoring the Mercabarna Interactive Fish Centre and its educational programme Creix amb el Peix (Grow with Fish).

Promoting the Central Fish Market of Mercabarna and its companies.

Preparing an Observatory of fish products, which is updated on a yearly basis.

Representing the sector before the different public administration bodies and sector agents.

Benefit from these services and much more. Contact us and we will provide you with detailed information.


We are located in MERCABARNA,
in the Barcelona Free Zone.

The market has connections to the port of Barcelona and El Prat Airport, with direct daily flights to all European capitals.